TEACH L.O.V.E. - 1/11/2016 Complaint Explained - Indianapolis, IN
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Full Disclosure:

On January 11, 2016 a Complaint was filed for "Inappropriate discipline".  You may find this Complaint by clicking Here, and typing Love Your Child's Care in the Search Box.  The inspection information is displayed below:

Inspection type: Licensing
Date: 1/12/2016
Type of correction needed: Provider enveloped a child and laid her on the ground. Twelve year old was trying to leave the child care.
Regulation: 470 IAC 3-1.1-41(b)(1)
Action needed to correct issue: The following behavior shall be prohibited by all direct child care providers: Cruel, harsh, or unusual punishment
Date resolved: 1/12/2016

Provider response:  
The event listed above happened in the morning before school between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. The student was struggling emotionally, shoving the teacher, and demanding to leave the site.  

Prior to the apex of the incident, deemed "Inappropriate Discipline" by the State, the teacher had called the child's Aunt to immediately return to assist the child.  The Aunt was employed as an Assistant teacher at the site.  The Aunt was off-site dropping her children off at school during this time.

The 12 year old had been missing an exorbitant amount of school due to the parent's struggle with substance addiction.  The 12 year old had been welcomed into Love Your Child's Care on Full Scholarship, due to the Aunt's employment with our program, and Love's intention to help the troubled student, and her Family.

On the day of the incident, and after the Aunt had been contacted, the student began shoving the teacher in an effort to leave the site.  The teacher reacted by embracing the child and gently bringing her to the ground in the same way that teacher would any child that was attempting to run toward danger.  Danger, as defined by the teacher, was the possibility of getting either hit by a school bus, or picked up by a stranger.  

The teacher was permanently removed from the classroom.

Love takes the safety, protection, care, and education of all children very seriously, and is ready to discuss this incident with any Parent considering placement in our program.

Before and After the incident, Love teachers participate in ongoing Coaching, Education, Training, and Professional Development.  Love continues to strive to improve the environment, and opportunities for every child that attends our program.

Feel free to email us at info@loveyourchildcare.com for more information about this, or any other service questions.