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After our recent re-evaluation visit, we have maintained our Level 3 Status, and was told by our Rater that if there were grades we would get an A+!  We are honored to be able to maintain our standard of quality!
Our Approach To
Early Education & Training 
We believe all humans learn by exploration through their natural creative energy, and working through their problems to the necessary ends. 
The learning style we most closely align is the Reggio Emilia approach, created by Loris Malaguzzi in Italy. 
Inspired by this approach, we are dedicated to each child's ability to solve almost any problem given the right environment, and supported by adults that see the whole child as significant and valuable to the
 world before him or her. 
We are here to positively effect children's learning thereby positively effecting our Neighborhood, our City, our State, our Country, our Earth.
Our First Paths to Quality Mentor, Shannon Ford
Child Care Answers provides us with valuable resources, inspiration, creative thinking, and constructive criticism.
All of our teachers are trained to utilize movement, music, and art to facilitate developmentally appropriate learning physically, cognitively, emotionally & socially.
Located on the South Side just North of Beech Grove, convenient to Highways 465, 65, and 74

Our Home is Creative
Our Home is Education
Our Home is Discovery
Our Home Cultivates
 Young Children and 
Early Childhood Educators Nourishment to Grow Healthy
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Our Investment IS
Serving Children 
Reaching our Level 3 Rating
has been a beautiful learning adventure!
We are working steadily toward
the highest Quality Rating of Level 4,
and the honor of National Accreditation!
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